Bowling Green, KY hardscaping services - installation, maintenance and repair.

We design and install patios, walls, fencing, pathways and more.

Put your yard to good use with our hardscaping services. Aside from have beautiful landscaping around your home or commercial property installing hardscaping features gives your lawn and garden practical use. Picture…

  • A patio around the outdoor pool for laying out and entertaining
  • A fire pit to gather around on cool Fall nights
  • A fenced in backyard to keep children and dogs from wandering too far and keeping unwanted critters out
  • A pathway to connect the driveway to the side patio

All of these examples and more are possible with Classic Landscaping and Design’s hardscaping services.

We're a team of Hardscaping Experts

Hardscaping is tough labor and takes a great deal of patience. Depending on the project we partner with professional plumbers, construction contractors, carpenters and masons to deliver a product that looks great and will stand the test of time. We can source and install any type of material such as brick, stone, wood, tile, concrete and more.

How Does Our Hardscaping Process Work?

Consultation and Design

We'll meet with you on your protery to learn about your vision and how we can make it a reality. We'll create a top-down CAD design of your hardscaping project to the very inch to review and approve.


Our team will work tirelessly to make sure the project is done quickly and efficiently the first time around

Source Materials

Depending on the project we'll work with local, regional or national vendors to get the supplies necessary for the project.


We want to ensure you're needs are met. We'll check in with you a couple months after the project is complete to see how you're enjoying your new space.

Frequently Asked Irrigation Questions

Yes we install water features including but not limited to fountains, ponds, water runs, dry creek beds.

By using modern materials such as concrete, aluminum and polymer properly maintained hardscaping will last 25 years or longer.

First call us. We can either tell you how to replace it or come by and replace it for you.