Outdoor Lighting

Bowling Green, KY outdoor lighting for home and commercial landscape.

Brighten up your residential property's landscape with our outdoor lighting installation services

For over 35 years we’ve helped illuminate both residential and commercial properties in the Bowling Green, Kentucky area. Our designs brighten your home, garden, landscape, patios, pools, and more. We’ll help you get the most out of your lawn and garden so you can enjoy your home’s outdoor amenities well after the sun goes down.

Outdoor lighting gives your home a touch of elegance at night while adding an extra layer of security to your property. Lighting up key entry points such as garages and doorways thwarts potential intruders from entering your house.

Let’s shine some light on your home to get extra use out of it at night! Contact us today.

How Does Our Process Work?

Consultation and Design

We'll meet with you at your home or business to access your needs and desires. We will create a CAD drawing of your property to the very inch with an outdoor lighting plan

Work with Electrians

We team up with local electricians to safely run out of sight electric wiring underneath in your yard, deck and patio to install lighting fixtures.

Troubleshoot Lighting

Your lighting must be positioned correctly to give your home and garden the proper functionality and look.

Onging Maintenance

For any issues or repairs we're a call away for quick repair and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Outdoor Lighting Questions

Yes, we can renovate or add to existing lighting fixtures and systems.

Yes, you can set it to turn on and off at a specific time. We can also program the system to turn on at dark and turn off when it’s light out.

Yes, we utilize LED outdoor lights and they are very energy efficient, brighter, run cooler and last longer.