Irrigation Systems

Bowling Green, KY irrigation services - installation, maintenance and repair.

We design and install automatic irrigation systems for residential homes and commercial properties.

Have you invested in your landscaping? Let’s keep your lawn green and plants healthy. 

Our goal is to help you save! Save the time it takes you to bring out the hose and sprinkler to water your lawn and plants. Save water! We design our sprinkler systems for efficiency, this means no waste and no surface runoff. Save money! Automation lowers your water bills and will ensure your plants are being properly watered. No more replacing plants due to negligence.

Share your vision with us! We are happy to visit your home or business to offer a free irrigation system consultation. From there we will design, install, and program a system customized to your property.

Classic Landscaping & Design constructs irrigation systems with top-of-the-line products.

We utilize Rain Bird controllers and Hunter Industries sprays and rotors on every sprinkler system install. For decades we have trusted these brands for quality and performance. We’ve had virtually zero issues with these products. All parts are backed by an exceptional warranty and their customer service teams are easy to work with.

How Does Our Process Work?

Consultation and Design

We'll create a top-down view CAD design of your property with the irrigation system planned out to the very inch to ensure all areas of your landscape will be properly watered.

Automated Irrigation

We'll program and teach you how to automatically set timers for your irrigation system from a Rain Bird controller typically installed in your garage.

Hidden from View

We bury hoses, rotors and sprayers beneath the ground and weave lines through your landscape to hide the system from plain view.

Onging Maintenance

If you regularly use your yard and have kids and pets damage can happen to your system. We're a call or text away from repairs.

Frequently Asked Irrigation Questions

Yes, the program in our irrigation controllers can be changed based on season.

Yes but before we leave the job it will be repaired back to its original condition.

No but irrigation systems need to be serviced seasonally. We blow out irrigation systems in the Fall so they’re not damaged by winter weather.

Yes, we would be glad to talk about controlling your irrigation system via smartphone.